Monday, 7 February 2011

The Animation Workshop - Digital Painting

Well... i just spent half an hour writing and uploading my weeks work but the good people at blogger decided not to publish it and delete everything instead... so this will be a very condensed version.

This week we had digital painting and matte painting. first we had to complete a scene from the "Lucky Luke" cartoon. we had to keep in mind the light and shadow and we had to use masks and brushes to add depth and value.

i'm pretty happy with the results... except the clouds are at a slightly odd angle and the values of the buildings close to the horizon need to be more defined.

We then moved onto matte painting... which is trying to get photo real results from the combination of digital painting and using portions of photos to get a seemless look. the process i followed is outlined below.

I'm very happy with the results... but i think the foreground looks a bit cluttered and murky... but the sense of depth and the clouds over the mountains really works well. i definitely want to do more of this and get really crazy with some sci-fi ideas...!!!

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