Thursday, 16 June 2011

Concept Art - with PETER CHAN

Basically... if you have seen a good animated film in the past 10 years... Peter Chan has worked on it... he also designed for George Lucas... on projects such as "The Day Of The Tentacle" and "Sam and Max hit the Road" and the much more popular "Monkey Island" and more recently "Lemony Snicket" and "Rio" among many other great games and films

oh yeah... and... STAR WARS... 

he is also my new hero

he gave us 2 photos and we had to produce a "moment" from a fictional story that could be understood by this image alone... i'm pretty happy with the rendering but to get the point across... i had to compromise the image slightly (the facial expressions) which was unavoidable.

first there we had to create 3 characters... a good guy... a bad guy... and a creature...

then i had to tell a story with an of the characters... but it had to be outside my comfort zone... most of my class got the story... i hope you do too!!!

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